We at BMC SaAS have started our services for tax preparation to US based CPAs. Our tax outsourcing services system and methodology consist of a well-defined working for CPAs, Tax service providers and small and medium business enterprises by way of handling their tax compliance workload and meeting taxation return filing obligations and deadlines.

While we manage the processing functions of a tax Return Preparation, our client focuses on improving their client relationship. We, at BMC SaAS have reasonable experience in all kinds of US tax preparation and reporting. We have been using widely accepted tax software and technology like Intuit Lacerate, and Turbo Tax after initial guidance .

How do we proceed for preparing a tax return?

Before starting tax return processing and preparing activity, we examine client's data and balance sheets and classify each item in appropriate place or form.
We also
- classify
- analyses
- and interpret profit and loss items,
- and interpret the taxability and treatment to various accounts during tax return processing and preparation services.
- Our view points, comments and observations, if any, are then communicated to the client and are considered before final preparation of the tax return.

At BMC SaAS, we have a Qualified and Trained team in the preparation of Federal and State Tax Returns. BMC SaAS adopts system of on-going training mechanism and updating of knowledge process of the tax return preparers' skills. Besides the cost savings, there are many latent and hidden benefits like stress reduction and availability of time to focus on more core operations.

What kind of services of tax return preparation are offered by BMC SaAS?

Preparing your taxes can be taxing – not to mention exhausting! Fortunately, BMC SaAS is here to relieve you from the worry of preparation of tax returns .BMC SaAS offer the tax return preparation services for the following:

• Individual Form No.1040
• Partnership
Form No.1065

Work Performance and the process

The tax return related data is sent to us in one of the available modes i.e.
1. E Mail based system
2. Secured Server Based Solution
3. Remote Access Based Solution

Immediately after the tax information is received, our tax professionals at BMC SaAS's center in India scrutinize the entire information and feed it to our tax software or the tax software of client's choice.

After data entry and processing, the tax return is audited to verify that all the information received has been correctly entered and accounted for.

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